Company Profile

Beijing HRD Culture Media Co., Ltd. (HRD) was established in May 2019. In January of the same year,the company began to operate artists in the name of HRD artist label studio. Different from the traditional Gallery model, HRD is more like an entertainment agency in the art field, moving the artists’ work display platform from offline to online, so that collectors can understand the works and get to know the artists more comprehensively and stereoscopically through social media. At the same time, HRD quickly became famous in China through effective cooperation and exposure between artists and arts industry and fashion industry. Junna Maruyama, born in 1999, has become a popular artist in China, and the object of collection by celebrities.

HRD Venture Partners

CEO: Dong Jiaqi

Dong Jiaqi graduated from Loughborough University with a master’s degree in new media innovation management. He has created many Chinese and international artists to be successful. He is proficient in artist brokerage operation and brand building, and has a deep understanding of the development of Chinese pop art and culture.

COO & Head of Japan business: Li Chao

Li Chao graduated from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology with a master’s degree. He has Ten years of education and work experience in Japan, with profound experience in Chinese and international business management. he has successively served as the head of DLE China, a Japanese IP listed company, the core member of Bestpartnergroup investment and financing project team, a former listed company on the New York Stock Exchange, the project director of cultural industry division of Industrial Bank, and the consultant of domestic well-known IP company.

Executive director of Japan business: Takuro Tsunekawa

He is a director of a large advertising company in Nagoya, also a pop artist. he is familiar with Japanese IP operation and brand promotion business, With 15 years of brand operation and promotion experience.